Amelia Rise Donkeys

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Available for Outside Stud Services
Micro Miniature Jack
Our home bred Micro Miniature Amelia Rise Talledaga has developed into a well proportioned, young jack. His features are nice straight back, sturdy strong build, perfect bite, good legs, solid chest and a wonderful playful personality.
DABSA 100% AMMD Registration No. AMS/382/15
American Miniature Donkey Register Registration No. 64511
Microchip No. 943094320420112
DOB 23 January 2015
Height: 16-1/2" at birth Present Height 27-1/2"
Colour - Sorrell
Sire: Joy's Rock of Jasper 30"
Dam: Clovercrest Allegra 29"
Amelia Rise Talledaga is available for stud services to outside jennies 27" - 34".

Jennies will be housed at Amelia Rise from commencement of their cycle, and will be HAND SERVED by the selected jack.
Jennies remain at Amelia Rise until their next due cycle. A jenny will be released home once she misses one cycle.
If they recycle after returning home a free return service is provided. Full agistment is part of the initial service fee.

Owners remain fully responsible for their jennies at all times while at Amelia Rise.
Amelia Rise Talledaga
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